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TOPIC: HELP! - Tube amp problem....

HELP! - Tube amp problem.... 19 Dec 2017 15:13 #2579

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OK... we were practicing last night and suddenly my amp (Rivera Clubster 45) stated to pop. Then teh power started to drop out. After running my guitar directly into the amp (instead of through the pedal board) without any improvement, I plugged back into the pedal board and noticed that the power adapter for one of my pedals was shorting against the output on my tuner pedal. The power adapter has multiple jacks so it can plug into various input jacks... well one of the extra jacks was touching the the output jack on the tuner pedal... as I was plugging my guitar back in, it was wiggling against the jack and making noises. When I moved it out of the way, everything sounded fine again and we continued to practice.
Well, today I covered the extra jacks in electrical tape and then turned on to make sure everything works OK... IT DOESN'T! The power level is really low and and I get a pop sound with a little bit of reverb-like warbling when I turn the power or stand-by switches on or off.
The power tubes are both glowing orange (I think that's OK), and so are the preamp tubes.
Did I maybe blow a fuse? Could the problem be much bigger than that?
Any advice on how to proceed would be GREATLY appreciated...

Please help.
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